The Garrick S. Lew Legacy Fund


The MTYKL Foundation expresses our appreciation to the donors who contributed to our Garrick Lew Fund. Because of their support the MTYKL Foundation was able to provide a grant to the AABA Law Foundation to create the Garrick Lew Scholarship, which awards $10,000 to a third-year law student committed to a criminal defense practice after graduation.


In partnership with Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus, would would also like to recognize the donors who contributed to ALC’s Garrick Lew Fund, or donated to ALC in honor of Garrick. Those donors are named in the second list below.










Donors to MTYKL Foundation’s Garrick Lew Fund

Established by Dale Minami, Don Tamaki, Minette Kwok, Jack W. Lee, and Brad Yamauchi of the MTYKL Foundation

Chan Foundation (Donald Lee)
Helen Zia and Lia Shigemura
Judge Edward and Janet Chen
Ken and Susan Kawaichi
Michael G. W. Lee
Alice Kawazoe
Alice Nakahata
Audra Ibarra
Barbara Huira
Bernice/Henry Chen
Bruce/Jane Quan
Byron Ho
Catherine Lew
Charles Jung
Chris Cannon
Christine Noma
David Louie
David Shapiro
Diane Matsuda
Dianne and Michael Omi
Dillon Lew
DMH Survivor’s Trust (Diane Hiura and Alan J. Hirua)
Don/Brenda Wong
Donald Henvick
Dr. Gene Nagase
Dr. Neil and Janie Katsura
Elisabeth Semel and James Thomson
Emerald Yeh
Ernie Llorente
Eugenia Beh
Eumi Lee
Evelyn A. Low
George Laplante and Sydnie Kohara
Germaine Wong
Henry and Priscilla Der
Himeo Tsumori
Jackson D. Wong
Jani Iwamoto
Jean Hiura
Jennifer Chou
Jerrold Takahashi and Terri Ann Kim
Jill Prather
Joanne Sakai
Joe and Alice Creason
John Chin and Michele Leong
John Ota
Judge Newton Lam
Karen Gee
Karisa Chin
Katherine Lee
Kathryn Kojimoto
Keith Kamisugi
Keith Kojimoto
Kyle Tatsumoto and Carole Hayashino
Laurel Beeler
Linda Lim amd Lyle Nishimi
Lisa Yamauchi amd Michael O’Brien
Lydia Zinn
M.L. Chin
Mari Matsumoto
Marian Hagler
Marlies Hensel
May Hirose
Mernie Miyasato-Crawford
Michael Fong and Darien Louie
Miriam Kim
Momi Chang
Patricia Horikawa
Paul/Sylvia Golden
Peter Goodman
Phyllis Hamilton
Priya Sanger
Quyen Ta
Randall Martin
Randy Sue Pollock
Raymond Buenaventura
Raymond Gong
Raymond L. Ocampo Jr.
Richard Yuen
Rodney Fong
Rodney Low
Judge Ronald Quidachay
Sandra Lane
Sharon A. Meadows
Sherene Lew
Steven and Kimberly Kato
Teresa Tan
Terisa Chaw
Tom Family Trust
Tracie Brown
Victoria Chin
Wendy Tokuda
William Kwong


Donors to Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus in Honor of Garrick

Jeff Adachi
Katherine Asada and Hiroki Asada
Wendy Becker-Raabe
Hon. Michael Begert and Annette Clear
Robert Berger
Janet Brown
Momi Chang and Gaynor Chinn
Madeline Chun and John Farnkopf
B. Mark and Barbara Jean Fong
Dolly Gee
Jane Gorai and Don Ng, M.D.
Judge Joni Hiramoto
Alan Jang
Karen Kai and Robert Rusky
Hon. Ken Kawaichi and Susan Tamura
Ken Lau and Lisa Chan
Michael Lee
Susan Lee
Elizabeth Lee
Cheryl Lew
Lisa Mak
Julia Mass
Mark Morodomi
Shirley Nakao
Penny Nakatsu
Hien Nguyen
Christine Noma and Stephen Fong
Steven Owyang and Onilda Cheung
Nancy Pemberton
Jim and Noelle Pillsbury
Dennis Roberts
Frank Rodezno
Susan Rutberg
Martha Schaffer and Charles McKinley
Susan Shalit
Chi-Kai Sin
Lisa Souza
Russell Stetler
William Tamayo and Deborah Lee
Diane Yen-Mei Wong and Nelson Dong
Craig Yamada and Monice Kwok

If you donated to either of these funds and your name is not listed, please let us know ( so we can update the list. Thank you!

In memory of our dear friend and former law firm partner, Garrick S. Lew, the Minami Tamaki Yamauchi Kwok & Lee Foundation and Garrick’s family have established the Garrick S. Lew Legacy Fund.

The Fund will be used to support organizations and causes that continue Garrick’s legacy of advocating for our Asian American communities, AAPIs in the legal profession, and criminal defense. The MTYKL Foundation and Garrick’s family will collaborate on the Fund’s operation.

On February 17, 2017, the Minami Tamaki Yamauchi Kwok & Lee (MTYKL) Foundation and the AABA Law Foundation announced a new scholarship for law students in remembrance of Garrick. The Garrick S. Lew Scholarship awards $10,000 to a third-year law student committed to a criminal defense practice after graduation. The scholarship is funded through a grant from the MTYKL Foundation’s Garrick S. Lew Legacy Fund to the AABA Law Foundation, which administers the scholarship and selects the recipients.


We welcome checks payable to “Minami Tamaki Yamauchi Kwok & Lee Foundation” with the check memo field filled in with “Garrick Lew Fund” and mailed to:

MTYKL Foundation
Attn: Garrick Lew Fund
360 Post Street, 8th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

The MTYKL Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit. Donations made to the Fund are tax-exempt to the extent provided by law. Our EIN is 47-2387353.

Download a high-resolution photo of Garrick.

Email with any questions.

Thank you so much for joining with us in furthering Garrick’s legacy.

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